> Hyzenthlay, fur that shines like dew.



"wwhy did you name this tentabeast after me?"
"iit’2 called #72 tentacool, ED"

commission 2/2 for turntech—calibrator!

Work boredom.

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if you could be with anyone, who would you choose?
─ Anonymous

I don’t know, I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I’ll be single for the rest of my life. Who would you choose?


Photograph by Erika Larsen
Destiny Buck, of the Wanapum tribe, rides her mare, Daisy, in the yearly Indian princess competition in Pendleton, Oregon. Embraced first for war, hunting, and transport, horses became partners in pageantry and a way to show tribal pride.

Behold Dark Wing, an exquisitely preserved pterosaur fossil making its U.S. debut on April 5.
Discovered in Germany in 2001, the so-called Dark Wing fossil is considered by paleontologists to be a particularly important specimen for the amount of detail preserved, and it has never before been exhibited outside of Germany. 
Learn more about Rhamphorhynchus muensteri.
Whats your other blog
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It’s my photography blog that’s become more of my personal blog. It’s all horses. I needed a break from it for a bit so here I am. I miss homestuck.


seperate nepeta picture cause I liked how it turned out